One time Obama said that he likes to save his decision-making power for the more important things during the day, so he doesn’t put as much thought into his outfits as he could.  I hate to compare myself to Obama, but neither do I, bro!

No one wants to think heavily about their outfits, we just want to appear and look fantastic in totality.  Normally, a hasty creation is what ends up looking the best.  And I don’t know about you, but I feel damn proud when I’m rushed out the door having concocted an ensemble that I don’t mind wearing for the day.

If I had to choose my body coverings for a day in 5 minutes, here’s what I would come up with.

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Black and plaid. How original.

Jcrew shirt. Aritzia sweater. Paige denim. Madewell booties. Urban necklace.