Last night, I practically choked on an ice cube when I did a scroll-and-stop over a TechCrunch tweet.  The tweeted breaking news being that yet another fashion executive has been beckoned where fashion executives are needed most… a tech company.

What’s that you say?  Another convergence of technology and fashion?

Apple released the information publicly that Angela Ahrendts, the (now) former CEO of Burberry, will now be the SVP of Retail and Online Stores for none other than Apple Incorporated, starting this spring.angela ahrendts will code for clothes burberry addison iskow addie iskow silicon valley fashion silicon valley style apple inc san francisco fashion blog

Her role is entirely redesigned after the John Browett aftermath, because Apple really hasn’t had a steady leader of retail since Ron Johnson left in 2011 when Tim Cook was a rookie CEO and iPads couldn’t fit in your purse.

I don’t know much about this woman, but I do know that Burberry’s London store underwent a renovation last year that transformed the nearly 200 year old building into a digitally integrated showroom for the brand.  Upon the opening of the first-of-its-kind store, Ahrendts and other Burberry executives introduced the idea as “blurring the line between the physical and digital, mimicking the online shopping experience in Burberry Regent Street.”  It’s like an Apple Store for luxury plaid coats.  Now we know why Apple is all over this woman.

I can’t wait to follow her career and stalk her inevitable power BFF situation with Sheryl Sandberg.  You know, because of the female thing.  On that topic, Ahrendts will be the only female photo on Apple’s leadership team webpage! Why am I so excited about this?!

Welcome to the valley, Angela!

Read Apple’s full press release: here.