The need to have products à la mode is not more prevalent in any other markets (or should I say market) than fashion and technology.  Both must have rapid fire design and production in order to please the consumers.  In the same way a new “it bag” plagues the fashion retail world, both online and off, a new gadget has the same effect on techies, right?  Well, those “gadgets” aren’t just for geeks and techies anymore — shoutout to my grandma who texts me bi-weekly.

The marketshare for companies like Apple and *shudder* Samsung is pretty much everyone from rambunctious 3 year olds in daycare to doddering grandpappies in senior homes and everyone in between.  Those inbetweeners include the fashion-obsessed.  And what other market dominates retail and social media presence better than the fashion world?  Can’t think of one, right?

Reason for this could be that clothing and handbags and jewelry and beauty products directly interact with us every. single. day.  Just as our phones and computers do.  They are daily life.  Don’t ask me to choose between my iphone or my clothes… because you may risk the sight of me stark naked in line for coffee, iphone still in hand.Will Code For Clothes Fashion And Technology Blog Addison Iskow

I don’t have the same relationship with my appliances, couch, soap, or pillows that I do with my purse, phone, shoes, or computer.  Ok, maybe I took it too far with the pillows citation.

What the fashion market and technology market have in common is their need to be ever-changing, and this is in a different way than any other market has to be because of the relationship we share with the products they’re producing.

Bottom line, we will soon refer to the fashion and technology markets as a singular.  And we’ll all be fashion and tech nerds.  And I won’t need to code for my clothes. End of story.