This New York (Mercedes Benz) Fashion Week, it seems brands and designers are all upping their game in the competition of who can be more ‘digital.‘  Marc Jacobs takes the fanciful cake this year.  They’re on a whole new level of social media marketing.

That new level consists of a Pop-Up Tweet Shop for the Daisy line of fragrance.  Not a cash register in sight — only a counter of perfume bottles and small handbags.

Instead of buying Marc Jacobs’ merchandise with real live dough, visiting social media fiends can simply post a photo or status on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag #MJDaisyChain.

Simple enough. I’ll take a small perfume bottle for one measly post hashtagging that I’ve fallen victim to a social media campaign. If you go one step further with your artsiness, there is a competition every day of fashion week for the most creative post to earn a Marc Jacobs handbag filled with Daisy perfume bottles.  The judges are fashion bloggers, typically with upward of a million followers on any given social media outlet.


I hope we’ll be seeing more of these popup tweet shops around for the sake of people getting free stuff.  Is it worth companies pouring money into posts and tweets?

If everyone can be a part of the #daisychain, it loses its exclusivity.  Sure it spreads awareness that Daisy perfume and Marc Jacobs exist… but if it’s not exclusive, are the fashion-conscious really going to lust after, and therefore buy, Marc Jacobs?